Just Dogs Daycare – Key Functionality


After reviewing the Just Dogs Daycare website, I noticed there are multiple problems regarding the key functionality the site should have. Throughout the website it is easy to see the developer is trying to make more of a fun, cute, website rather than a site that would fulfill any dog owners immediate needs. First off, I would rename and change the home page’s top menu. Keeping the links named simple would easily eliminate any confusion that users may have navigating through the website.

Missing Functionality-

Although the site offers an intake questionnaire, I feel fully implementing an option to “schedule an appointment” and submit it electronically would be greatly beneficial. Instead of having customers answer a questionnaire and then physically having them bring it in, I feel it would be less difficult to have them answer these questions at home from a computer, and then select a date and time that works best for them to schedule a visit. After reviewing the questionnaire and confirming the schedule time, I would suggest the daycare to follow up with a confirmation email or phone call, to let the customer know that they are penciled in and are guaranteed a time.

Persona Development-

This functionality would match a persona of any dog owner looking for a hassle free, and simple way to find a daycare for their pet in a timely and efficient manner. The bottom line is that it would eliminate the prolonged steps and processes a dog owner would have to go through while setting up a first time visit to the daycare. If the process is easy the first time and customers are happy with the outcome, they are more likely to be returning customers.

Persona Functionality Development-

Like I had stated earlier, to make the website clutter-free, I believe changing the “cutesy” names of the navigational tabs on top of the page would make the homepage more presentable. Then adding a “schedule an appointment” tab would also help direct customers to where they want to be. In the “schedule an appointment page”, one could keep it as simple as just importing the intake questionnaire and then being able to select your own date and time from a drop-down menu, while being able to submit the form in its entirety electronically.


Benefits of the Functionality-

By implementing this “schedule an appointment” tab, and being able to submit the form online would significantly increase awareness and satisfaction. Customers would now know it isn’t necessary for them to make multiple trips to the daycare before they can actually leave their dogs there unattended. It would also help to save valuable time, and when customers know you’re really trying to help them, that’s when you receive the best business. Also, I feel setting up the form online gives the customers a better feel of what the culture at the daycare is like and if it would really be a good fit for their dog. On the other side of things, it would also save a lot of time for the employees. They would just have to review the questionnaires online and confirm scheduling dates with future customers. It would eliminate time they would waste on the phone trying to convey what is exactly on the website and this in turn could make the business run more efficiently as a whole.

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